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Niche Research

We help find the diamonds in the rough! We put together lists of influencers and highlight the best opportunities for you to collaborate with.

Campaign Support

Get the most out of your influencer marketing campaigns. We help make sure your coverage is inline with your expectations.

New Opportunities

Influencer networks grow fast! We help to provide you with updated pricing and new opportunities every month.

We work with micro and macro influencers

We help our clients find a good mix of both micro and macro influencers to help grow their brand.

We offer short term and long term influencer relationships

We help find the right influencers to engage into both short term and long term partnerships.

Influencer Research

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Here’s what we do!

UnitedPress.Media is a full-service influencer marketing agency responsible for brand growth.

Niche Research

Detailed reports of influencers that meet a brands requested criteria. We put together lists of influencers and highlight the best opportunities for brands to collaborate with. Brands choose locations, budget, social networks, niches etc.

Zero Price Markup

The pricing we provide brands under our monthly subscription service have no agency markup fee’s. This is a fiduciary model that allows us to work in our clients best interest. We enter into pricing negotiations to save our clients money.

Campaign Support

When brands choose to proceed with an influencer, we offer campaign support to help get the most out of the coverage.

International Campaigns

We work with individual influencers and other influencer marketing agencies on a global scale.

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reg 174.95

A list is for those looking for influencer research and outreach to be done for them. This list gives you  opportunities that we think could be a good fit for you to move forward with. We provide you with pricing, subscriber counts, average views, and cost/viewer.


reg 549.95

Our Premium plan is for brands looking for influencer research and outreach as well as order fulfillment. We provide campaign support and work with influencers to get your coverage created from start to finish. This plan includes up to 10 content orders/month.


reg 1749.95

Our Agency plan includes research, outreach and campaign support for up to 5 brands. This plan is best for agencies that have multiple clients wanting to run influencer marketing campaigns.This plan includes up to 50 content orders, 10 for each brand/month.



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