7 Ways to use Influencer Marketing

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7 Ways to use Influencer Marketing

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It is safe to say that a majority of consumers trust the recommendations from individuals over other forms of advertising. In this article, we will discuss 7 ways to use influencer marketing strategies.

Influencers are an effective way to get your brand’s message heard by a large audience. Whether the goal is to build hype about something new or to build trust among consumers, influencers are effective at creating lasting impressions for your brand.

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7  Ways to use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is in many ways the most effective method to launch a new brand or product. But where do you begin? What can influencers do to help?

Punch for punch it has been discovered in a study done by TapInfluence that influencer marketing is 11 times higher return on investment than other forms of marketing. Influencer marketing can jumpstart a new brand and give you a large stage to stand on right from day one.

Now, just because an influencer has a large following does not mean that anything they do will be effective and go viral. It can be easy to think this way and get lost in the persona that is present on influencers’ past posts. It is important to formulate a plan that will work for each of the influencers and their audience. When you launch a brand with influencers there needs to be a clear scope of work that is agreed upon before the partnership begins.

Launching a brand using influencer marketing

Here are 5 effective ways to launch a brand or new product using influencer marketing:

1. Let creators be creative with your product (integrated content)

Influencers have a large following for a reason. They are content creators who have found a style that people can connect with. An option that you can go with when working with an influencer is to let them be creative with your brand or product. Let the influencer tell your brand story in their way. Lifestyle influencers are a particularity good choice for this as they are always showing different aspects of their life in the content they produce.

To play it safe you can provide a few talking points and few nontalking points to help steer the content a little bit. But, if you allow creators to do what they do best then you may end up with content that is far better then what it would have otherwise been. It is often content that influencers create without outside guidance that becomes a viral piece.

So, If you have an actual physical product, you can simply send it to the influencer and request for them to use their imagination to come up with something.

If your product is a food ingredient, you can send it to a cook and have them make a meal with it. If your product is an electronic device like a drone, you could send it to an athlete and let them record a video of them being active from an areal perspective. If your product is a new video game you can simply let a gamer live-stream and have fun with it.

2. Contests, giveaways, coupon codes

Who doesn’t love getting something for free? contests, giveaways, and savings codes are a great way to get the attention of consumers. Especially when it is coming from a trusted influencer that they already follow. The key here is to find an influencer that has a loyal following related to your brand or products niche. If you are a custom artisan that makes vintage jewelry, then having a giveaway of one or two of your pieces can be a great way to show a large group of people what your style is all about.

A way to increase your reach and retain new followers for your brand is to have simple rules that govern how the contest works. Having an influencer tell their followers that the winners will be chosen from the best comments made to the post, or from the new followers that follow your account will help to make the contest more effective for growing your brand.

3. Product reviews (dedicated content)

This is a tried tested and true method for generating conversions. It is often one of the first things that people do when they hear about a new product. They will do their digging to see the product in action. If you are one step ahead of the consumer and have created captivating reviews that speak highly of your brand and product then you are more likely to capture the viewer and turn them into a paying customer.

Of course, many of the viewers will be seeing your product for the first time and may not have stumbled upon it through their search efforts. This, however, is the great thing about product reviews, you get professional content made that also gets shared to a large network as part of the cost. This beats paying for your production and then paying for traffic.

There are many options available and if you find the right creators there is a good chance they will let you take snippets of the content to use in future marketing campaigns. This is a key strategy in evergreen influencer marketing.

4. Account take over

An account takeover is when you give access to one of your accounts to an influencer.  The influencer can share on their channels that if their fans want to see them they will be able to @yourbrandschannel. This will create a series of new followers that are subscribing so that they get notified when the influencer is live on your account.

A less extreme version of this can be to have the influencer on your show as a guest speaker. The underlying strategy remains the same and the goal is to attract the influencers following to better get to know your brand or to follow your channel as well.

5. Give influencers exclusive or early access

With the help of influencers, you can create excitement about future milestones that your company is working towards. A marketing campaign does not need to begin just when your products are ready to ship. You can create a buzz using influencers long before the launch date.

Influencers are often more willing to collaborate and even at discount rates if they know they are getting an exclusive deal out of the situation. Being the first to post something online can be very important. When you are the first to share something online you often reap the benefits of backlinks from other authoritative websites which in turn makes your page stronger in the eyes of search engines. For a new product that may have along with shelf life, this can be a big deal and attract a lot of traffic for an influencer.

Exclusive early access can be a win-win for both a brand and the influencer. Who doesn’t want to be the first to hold new technology in their hands and to show it to their fans. And what brand doesn’t want to get a good deal and a quality spokesperson to rep their new products.

6. Include influencers in the creation and branding process

If you are lucky enough to find the right influencers that are interested in becoming true ambassadors with your brand, you can include them in your branding and creation process.

A good example of this is in the portable vaporizer industry. Many brands have designed devices with an influencer as the designated theme behind one of their devices. For example, Grenco Science has the Snoop Dogg G Pen, which if you haven’t guessed is backed by influencer Snoop Dogg.

Brands don’t need to go as far as to create a new product centered around an influencer. The influencer could contribute in smaller ways such as providing input with the slogan of a new product, or idea’s for the packaging so that they feel more involved and part of your brand.

It is important to think of your team of influencers as an important part of your brand and that they feel the same way. It is a two-way street where the more comfortable and belonging they feel they more likely they are to try hard at pushing your products.

7. Sponsor influencers

Lastly, a simple way to get your brand heard is to sponsor influencers’ content. For this to be effective you should find influencers that are closely related to your niche and offer them a sponsorship deal. The sponsorship can include various things but it can be as simple as a quick shout out at the beginning and end of there videos saying that this content is brought to their fans by ‘your brand’ and have a quick 15 to 30-second script letting the audience know what your brand is about.

Being a sponsor is a subtle way to increase brand exposure. A sponsorship or ad roll is usually less expensive than a dedicated review or integrated content.

Launching a brand using influencer marketing: Conclusion

Influencer marketing is without a doubt a very powerful way to promote brand products, but you have to plan and be strategic.

Some of the ways to work with influencers will work better in some niches then it will in others. You need to think about what type of content will work best for your brand. You also need to choose your influencers wisely and look into their passed content to see how effective it was and if it is in line with your brand’s image.

As long as you find the right influencers and pair them with the best-suited content you will be on the right path to launching a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Do you have any specific questions about the methods mentioned above? Or are you in need of a custom list of influencers that might be a good fit for your brand? You can contact us with any questions you have.