Blockchain Affiliate Program

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Become an affiliate for one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the blockchain space

Welcome to the UnitedPress.Media Blockchain Affiliate Program for Web 3 coverage services.

Affiliates are able to earn high commissions with some campaign budgets reaching over $100,000. We are able to offer high commissions and competitive pricing to our clients through agency discounts, partner relationships, and pricing negotiations. The base commission rate for UPM affiliates starts at 25% on any service fees the agency accrues.

Here is an example of how a referral (lead) works:

Client ‘XYZ’ clicks on your affiliate link that you shared. XYZ fills out the contact form on UnitedPress.Media. There are no other contact forms on the website as an attempt to ensure affiliates are rewarded for their referrals. When the form is submitted by ‘XYZ’ we receive a notification that shows the referral (lead) was sent by you. If they end up completing any orders you will earn commission.

How we proceed:

We will enter into conversation with the potential client and try to work with them to find the best web 3 coverages for their brand. We will find mutual fits with content creators on popular social platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, Instagram, Discord, and also through global media news outlets and various crypto media outlets. The UPM Agency database has 1000’s of different web 3 coverage options for clients to choose from. There is a good chance we will find mutual fits between your referrals and content creators/media outlets.

If your referrals continue to order, you will continue to receive commissions for their orders as long as orders are made at-least once every 90 days.

Special notes

  • We redirect site visitors to the destination URL without the Affiliate URL parameter after a hit on an affiliate link has been detected. This helps with conversions and keeps links cleaner.

You can sign up or login to the UnitedPress.Media affiliate program here.


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