Blockchain Affiliate Program for Web 3 Coverages With High Paying Commissions

Become an affiliate for one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the blockchain space

Welcome to the UnitedPress.Media Blockchain Affiliate Program for influencer marketing coverages.

We are happy to share that we have one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the Web 3, crypto, and blockchain space. With some orders reaching over $100,000. The profit on such orders can be very lucrative for affiliates. We do our best to keep our clients coverage rates competitive and in many cases we are able to keep coverage costs lower than competitors or even lower then going to media outlets directly.

We work hard to ensure that there is strong profit for our agents and affiliates. We are able to do this through agency discounts, bulk orders, and pricing negotiations to bring costs down for clients campaigns. The base commission rate for affiliates is 25% of the profit on any given order.

Here is an example of how referrals (leads) work:

Client ‘XYZ’ clicked your affiliate link that you shared online. They filled out the form found on UnitedPress.Media. The contact form is accessible through the main menu as ‘contact’ and also found on the home page and in the footer of our site. There are no other contact forms on the website as an attempt to ensure affiliates are rewarded for their referrals. When the form is submitted by ‘XYZ’ we receive a notification that shows the referral (lead) was sent by you. In your affiliate area you will see that you have a ‘pending’ referral.

We will enter into conversation with the potential client and try to work with them to find the best coverages for their brand. We will find mutual fits with content creators that we work with on YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, Instagram, Discord, Podcasts, and also through global media news outlets and various crypto media outlets. We work with over 1000 different influences and coverage options – so there is a good chance we will convert your lead into an active client. Once orders are marked as complete and the client ‘XYZ’ receives their coverage – your affiliate area will reflect the commissions that you are owed from their order. You will receive an email letting you know of any commissions owed.

Here is an example of an affiliate commission:

Client ‘XYZ’ orders 1 or more coverages. The total comes to $70,000 for their campaign. We use agency discounts to make the cost of the order $65,000. This leaves $5,000 profit on the order made by client ‘XYZ’. With a base commission rate of 25% – the commission earned on this example order by client ‘XYZ’ would be $1,250 for the referring affiliate.

If the client ‘XYZ’ continues to order then the affiliate who initially referred client ‘XYZ’ will continue to receive commissions for the lifetime of the client as long as orders are made at-least once every 90 days. If there is a span of 90 days in-between orders then the commissions for a referral stops. After a 90 day period of inactivity other affiliates can reach out to any inactive clients in attempt to onboard them as a UnitedPress.Media client again.

Special notes

  • We redirect site visitors to the destination URL without the Affiliate URL parameter after a hit on an affiliate link has been detected. This helps with conversions and keeps links cleaner.

You can sign up or login to the UnitedPress.Media affiliate program here.