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Journalists, influencers, graphic designers and marketing experts.

Monetize Your Passion

Get paid by sponsors you want to promote

As a content creator you have a lot to do. From creating content and coming up with new and engaging ideas, to managing your channel. We help to make sure you have a backing you can be proud of.

Choose the brands you want to work with

Choose your own sponsors, pitch your own creative ideas, set your own rates, and get compensated for collaborating with brands you are proud to work with. We help to align brands that are looking to sponsor a creator.

Talent management and revenue sharing model

We offer our professional talent management services as a free service in combination with our revenue sharing model. This means that you earn more revenue from your clients and from other creators clients. Once a client has collaborated with your channel, they are encouraged to collaborate with others in the UnitedPress.Media network. When this happens the revenue from referrals are shared among yourself and the other creators who benefited from your client. This model also allows you to earn revenue from clients who you do not have time to create content for, or that you found to not be a good fit for your audience.

Collaborate with other influencers

We offer a research and outreach service that helps to connect your channel with other channels who are interested in leveraging each others networks to create mutual growth. One of the fastest ways to grow a brand or channel is to use influencers, so why not use influencer marketing for influencers in the same way you would for your clients!

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