Evergreen Influencer Marketing | Timeless and Sustainable Content

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Evergreen Influencer Marketing | Timeless and Sustainable Content

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One of the most important aspects of your influencer marketing strategy should be to create content that is timeless and sustainable. This is known as evergreen influencer marketing. ‘Evergreen content’ is a marketing strategy that will continue to provide brand exposure for an extended period.

So, what does it take to make sure you’re using evergreen content and how can you measure the results? Let’s begin by breaking it down…

What is evergreen influencer marketing?

Evergreen influencer marketing is the strategy of creating brand integrated content that holds its value over a long period. Branded content made to be evergreen should not lose its value a week after it is created. The content should be made in a way that it provides value to the viewers whether they are experiencing it at the moment it was first created, or months and years after it was first created.

Evergreen content is designed not to lose its momentum as time goes by. If you make evergreen influencer content correctly it should keep its momentum or improve its momentum over time.

Evergreen content can be a simple blog post, a podcast, an info-graphic, a social media post, or a video. It can be just a small part of one of these pieces of content and does not need to be a dedicated piece. The only mandatory aspects of evergreen influencer marketing content are that it is designed to be high quality, original, and relevant now and in the future.


  • Brand integrated into content that educates the viewer on a topic/product (a tutorial, a lesson, or a review).
  • Brand integrated into content that is part of a gallery or album (Instagram feeds, series, playlists).
  • Use evergreen keywords and titles.
  • Make use of tags and #hashtags.
  • Strengthen your passed content with future content (link to it)
  • Make it reusable (crop/edit and reuse, re-share, part of a guide)


  • Avoid dates on your content if they are not necessary.
  • Avoid content that is not going to create word of mouth advertising (avoid boring content).
  • Avoid content that is short shelf life (temporary content).

This post for example ‘what is influencer marketing‘ was titled to be evergreen. Had this article been named ‘influencer marketing 2018’ it would have quickly become outdated and hold little value in the future. Going after ‘long-tail keyword strings with dates’ can also be useful as part of a larger marketing strategy.

Benefits of evergreen influencer marketing

Never settle! Always strive to succeed and optimize. The same holds with evergreen influencer marketing. Evergreen influencer marketing strategies are usually more effective than time-sensitive influencer marketing strategies as it is a passive strategy that builds up to great stronger and stronger the more you do it. You begin to get held up by your past efforts.

SEO strengthening

Evergreen influencer content can be used to reinforce your existing SEO strategy. Through the use of keyword-rich titles, #hashtags, and backlinks you can strengthen your overall online presence. If you use proper SEO in combination with evergreen strategies you will get the most out of your influencer marketing campaigns.

The longer content is online and relevant the more opportunity it has to attract links from other reputable sources. 3rd party backlinks will strengthen your SEO even further.

Reduced bounce rate

Evergreen influencer content is great for viewer retention (aka lower bounce rate). Content that offers value to a viewer will retain that viewer and in doing so signaling to search engines that the content is valuable. Content with value gets ranked better and viewed more often.

Relevant and sustainable value

Content that is made with an expiry date is a means to an end. Evergreen content has long term value where it gets exponentially stronger the more you do it. If you create the same amount of content month over month and you use evergreen strategies, the past efforts will pile up and help sustain faster growth.

Authoritative content

Building trust with your target audience is key to success. Evergreen influencer marketing and evergreen content, in general, is quite simply one of the best practices you can use to do this. If you want customers to flow through your sales funnel and eventually become a paying customer you need to build trust and provide them with quality content. Evergreen content provides value now and in the future which improves your authority on a topic.

If your content is a bunch of rambling garbage with no consistency then you are not going to create a positive lasting relationship with your target customers. Building authority along with a credible presence is very important, use evergreen influencer marketing to show that your brand cares about the industry and about providing quality information to help people find what they are looking for.

Reusable content

Evergreen influencer content that is found to work can be repeated and in doing so strengthens your marketing funnel. In influencer marketing especially this can be done as you are ultimately reaching different audiences in the same niche. What works with one has a good chance of working in another.

An example is this video on the ‘benefits of CBD oil‘. This brand used an evergreen strategy to go after the keywords of how a product is beneficial to anyone who consumes it rather than a typical ‘product review title’. Using multiple influencers to expand on this marketing strategy and to go after the same keywords will work to create a stronger evergreen campaign.

The video in the example above can be repurposed and be included in a variety of posts about the products presented in it. Several different angles can be used in combination with the content that includes integrated products. Snippets of the video can be used as well – The content is evergreen in many ways from the no time limit coupon codes, to the health benefit topics of discussion, to the SEO friendly title and description. Evergreen content that can be repurposed brings a lot more to the table and in time keeps marketing costs lower.

It is important to be sure that a good chunk of your influencer marketing is designed to be evergreen. If you don’t then when you stop paying your sponsors the sales funnels will no longer be providing value. If you are making sure that the content being produced is evergreen then your past content will continue to provide value.

Depending on your product and niche the creative idea’s that you can use to include evergreen marketing strategies will vary. Here are some general ideas that you might find fits your niche:

  • Product placement in a fashion shoot
  • Informative/educational post (pros and cons)
  • How to use a general product (tutorial)
  • Review with strategic keywords
  • Sponsorship shout-outs integrated into closely related evergreen content

A few things to consider

Evergreen content is intended to last longer than time-sensitive content. While this holds it does not mean that evergreen influencer content is a set it and forget it turn-key solution. Some measures can be put in place and enforced to optimize and ensure that your evergreen strategies continue to provide lasting benefits.

  • If your influencer content is in the form of a blog post or something that can be updated make sure that any time something changes that it is reflected in your content. This can be adding new resources, removing old information, or including a new link to a new post on your site.
  • As mentioned above evergreen influencer content is designed to be reused. Take advantage of this and link to it or reference it whenever you can to keep it alive. Reinforcing a quality piece of evergreen content will help to give it more strength.
  • Conduct A/B testing with #hashtags, titles, and selling points. Changing things up ever so slightly will help to give a new face to something that has dated a bit. Something as simple as changing the image that is shared with a piece of content can attract a whole new segment of viewers that were numb to the past outreach efforts.
  • Be sure to include both evergreen influencer marketing strategies in combination with time-sensitive strategies to make sure you are capitalizing on all angles of your marketing efforts. Use quality content that provides insightful information to the viewers to build trust and become an authoritative figure within your niche.