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Graphic design is a key component of our content marketing service. Without including visual content in a content marketing strategy,  a campaign is not as effective as it would be otherwise.

Graphic design is more than just images. It is a powerful way of communicating. Just as some people like to read books, while others watch tv, and others like to listen to the radio. There are many people who take away valuable insights and information through imagery. For growing brands, graphic design is an effective way to engage with target audiences. Graphic design and strategy is a key component to branding and has an important roll in influencing consumers decision making.

Content marketing is usually produced in the form of blog posts, publications, influencer mentions, press releases, and so forth. Including strategic images to these pieces of content will make them stand out more and be more effective in turning prospects into customers. Graphics help to bring your words to life and make them more memorable and relatable.

It is important to remember to optimize your graphics with SEO best practices just as you do your blog posts. Create graphics that have attainable ranking keywords in the titles and descriptions to help your overall organic traffic strategy.

Graphic Design Content Marketing Service

Graphic Design Elements In Content Marketing

  • Call To Action Graphics (CTA) – Graphics can be used to connect with your audience. You only have people’s attention for a short period of time. You need to make a quick and effective impression on them. Having people complete a CTA allows for further interaction with them. Providing strategic graphic elements improve the customer experience, leading to a higher conversion rate and the more likely your content will be shared.
  • Infographic – Approximately 90 percent of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual. Infographics grab people’s attention, they allow for a visually pleasing way to present information.
  • Blog Post Graphics – Visual content is processed first and quickly. A thumbnail can attract or deter people to your content regardless of what the text says. Before your audience begins reading your publications they will have already formulated an opinion in their head based on what they see. Readers will be intrigued by appealing images and will be encouraged to continue reading. With little to know images in a publication, the text feels like it drags on. Graphics are a good separator and allow for a little break while at the same time illustrating a point.
  • Logo – Your brand logo should be recognizable. This is a graphic design element that will be posted everywhere and needs to be appealing and identifiable.
  • Lifestyle Images – Integrating products, services, and messages into lifestyle images helps to bring your brand and vision to life. You can use influencers and lifestyle photographers to help create brand integrated lifestyle images.

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