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Influencer Marketing Agency for Brand Growth

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Most influencer marketing agencies and talent agencies have a set roster of influencers that they keep their clients confined to. Here at UnitedPress.Media we take a different approach. Not only do we have our own influencers that work directly with us, but we also work directly with no contract freelance creators and also different talent agencies. This allows us to present brands with a large talent pool of creators that extend far beyond our own direct reach.

We understand that each brand is unique and that finding an influencer that matches the ambitions and styles of a specific brand is not so cut and dry. Our process is to look both internally and externally to find the best brand ambassadors to help promote your brand’s identity and products.

Location-Based Influencers

As an international influencer marketing agency, we first look at a brand to understand the target locations where growth makes the most sense. A brand can take advantage of understanding where influencers have succeeded and learn from the audience demographics that they have built up. A brand that creates a unique product might find that most of their target customers are already following a few specific influencers in a few stand out locations.

Micro vs Macro Influencers

When taking into consideration cost, conversions, campaign effort, etc… Does size matter? It is often the case that micro-influencers (<100,000 followers) generate higher conversions then macro-influencers (>100,000 followers). This is not always the case, and if a brand only focused on micro-influencers they would need to have a lot of influencers to grow their brand effectively. For this reason, it is a good strategy to use both micro and macro influencers in influencer marketing campaigns.

Evergreen Influencer Content Strategies

The most important thing you can do with your marketing efforts is to include strategies that are evergreen. Evergreen influencer marketing is a strategy that makes your content valuable for both viewers now and viewers in the future. If you find yourself always creating content that is only valuable for a specific period of time you will have a hard time growing and sustaining your brand. UnitedPress.Media makes sure to suggest ways that your influencer marketing campaigns can be improved with the use of evergreen marketing strategies.

Sponsoring a Creator

There are numerous ways that a brand can work with a social media content creator. The more common collaborations include contract-based mentions, contract sponsorships, and general reviews. We keep things very simple at UnitedPress.Media and have procedures in place to help ensure that a brand marketing objective is made clear to the creators they will be collaborating with. Our process includes completing a coverage understanding form where both the brand and creators can collaborate back and forth to reach consensus.

Our Process:

  • Contact us with your interest in having your brand’s products/services included in influencer content.
  • We provide you with a custom list of creators we believe will work well with your brand, budget, and niche.
  • You choose the creators that are the best fit for your brand.
  • You complete our ‘influencer marketing campaign’ understanding form – providing us with your:
    • campaign objective
    • talking points for the creators to use and to avoid
    • keywords to use for content descriptions and titles
    • tracking links, hashtags, and coupon codes to help track performance
    • special requests that you have
  • You provide products/samples for the creators to include in their content.
  • Creators integrate your brand, products, or services into their content and share the content to their networks.

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