Influencer Marketing Agency NYC

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Influencer Marketing Agency NYC

Influencer Marketing Agency NYC

UnitedPress.Media is a full service influencer marketing agency NYC division that works with creators in New York City. NYC is one of the leading geographical locations for digital media and entertainment in North America and also the world at large. Some of the biggest celebrities call NYC home along with thousands of micro and macro web based influencers. We have focused our efforts on ensuring that we are one of the go to influencer marketing agency NYC options.

As an interoperable influencer marketing agency UnitedPress.Media has relationships in place with not only creators themselves, but other talent agencies and PR firms in NYC and spread out around the world. It is important to have a large pool to choose from when it comes to influencers as every brand is unique. Our relationships with other agencies allows us to offer influencer marketing campaigns at discount agency prices.

Influencer Marketing Agency NYC

Influencer Marketing Agency NYC | UnitedPress.Media

1. Product and Brand Reviews + Integrated Content

Through working with popular creators we help to get your brand integrated into content on YouTube and Instagram. Reviews, walk-throughs, organic mentions, unboxings and custom campaigns are some of the ways to create evergreen influencer marketing.

2. Creator Sponsorships

Sponsoring a popular creator is an effective way to promote your company in a subtle way. A general sponsorship helps to create brand exposure while minimizing the amount of sales pitch the influencer needs to include in their content.

3. Niche Market Research

In order to better help you with your influencer marketing strategy we need to learn more about your brand and the niches that might best help your brand grow. After we learn what your all about and what your marketing objective is we will perform an outreach campaign to track down the best influecners for the job.

5. Competitor Research

We can help to keep tabs on the competition. We offer a monthly package where we can provide you with a report that lists all of the social media content your competitors are integrated into. We help to provide a summary of their strategies so that you remain in the know.

Whether you objective is to build up the social following of your business, or to generate new conversions and leads, our team will help to run successful influencer marketing strategies.

Creative Content Direction

We work with creators to create evergreen authentic original content that has a long shelf life.

Content Posting Strategy

Individual tracking links, Instagram #hashtags, discount coupon codes, niche keywords, and powerful backlinks are all considered when planning and posting content.

Large Influencer Pool

Our large influencer pool gives us the reach required to provide you with the ebst suggestions for your brand. Not only do we have a large database of influencers, but we work with other talent agencies and PR firms to offer our clients a large selection to choose from. With over 500 creators ranging from 5000 to over 20,000,000 subscribers we have creators that are a fit for your brand.

Campaign Communication

We are available to handle the entire communication process and facilitate end to end influencer marketing campaigns. A number of our clients prefer to keep most data in house which we respect. We are here to help with any aspects of your influencer marketing campaign that you are comfortable letting us aid in. If your brand prefers to keep track of your own links and not share the data that is also fine.

Influencer Marketing Agency NYC

We look forward to working with new creators and new brands. You can get in touch by filling out the form below or by sending an email to

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