Influencer Marketing Guide

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Influencer Marketing Guide

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Welcome to UnitedPress.Media! This influencer marketing guide will help you understand what influencer marketing is and how to run effective influencer marketing campaigns. If used correctly, influencer marketing can help grow your business faster then any other form of marketing. Let’s jump right into it! On this page, you will find an overall summary of each chapter that our influencer marketing guide covers. You can enter into each chapter to learn more.

Influencer Marketing Guide

Influencer Marketing Guide

Chapter 1: Understanding

1.1 What is influencer marketing?

  • Influencer marketing is a process in which established influencers are used to help increase awareness of something that someone is trying to get seen. At its core, Influencer Marketing takes the idea of celebrity endorsement and puts it on a level playing field that companies of all sizes can use. Influencers do not have to have massive followings to be part of a successful influencer marketing campaign. A combination of both micro and macro influencers will likely work best. Continue reading more on what is influencer marketing.

1.2 What is an influencer marketing agency/talent agency?

  • It is more often than not that most influencers work with a talent agency or ‘influencer marketing agency’ to help facilitate correspondence and orders. Some influencer marketing agencies have a set list of influencers that they represent and work with while others offer outreach research packages to help find the best options for your brand. Influencer marketing can be a time-consuming process in which some aspects can be leveraged with the help of an influencer marketing agency. Continue reading more on what is an influencer marketing agency.

Chapter 2: Strategy and Outreach

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2.1 Think ahead, use a well-planned influencer marketing strategy

  • Before spending your marketing budget on the first influencers you find, you should take some time to come up with a well-planned strategy. There are many things to consider before collaborating with influencers. You should make yourself aware of the options you have. There are many different platforms, content strategies, outreach tactics and so forth. Getting to know the options available to you and making educated decisions that are the best fit for your brand will give you a better chance at running a successful influencer marketing campaign. This is an important part of the influencer marketing guide, continue reading more on influencer marketing strategy.

2.2 Finding the best influencers for your brand

  • Every brand is unique and finding the right influencers that are a good fit for a brand can take time and research. You should outline the objective of your campaign, your budget, target audience, platforms of interest and so forth. Once you have an outline of what your looking for it becomes a numbers game. Compile a list of 10 to 20 influencers who would be your ideal collaboration partners and begin reaching out to them. Continue reading more on how to find the best influencers.

2.3 Reaching out and getting influencers on board

  • Approaching influencers for collaborations needs to be done with a degree of caution. Don’t use spam tactics and be sure to reach out with a polite tone that is not disrespectful. Reaching out in the wrong way can cause harm to your brand. Negative reviews and bad backlash can occur if you do not treat influencers with respect. The use of contracts for clearly defining a campaign objective is very important here. Making sure that all parties involved are aware of their obligations will help to achieve results in line with expectations. Continue reading more on how to reach out to influencers.

2.4 Ways to Collaborate with influencers

  • There are many different ways that you can get brand exposure through working with influencers. Product giveaways, how-to videos, dedicated reviews, integrated content, general sponsorships, exclusive content, interviews, etc. Coming up with new and exciting ways to include your brand in an influencer’s content is important for building lasting relationships that are beneficial to the brand, the influencer and the influencer’s audience. Continue reading about creative ways to use influencer marketing.

2.5 Creating content for the long haul

  • Understanding the difference between time-sensitive content and evergreen content is very important. Creating content that holds its value for a longer period can have a lasting impact on your growth strategy. It is important to use SEO friendly keywords, titles, and content ideas that will not lose its value. Whether a person is experiencing your content when it is just created or a year after it has been created it should be made in a way that it still offers value. Continue reading more on evergreen influencer marketing.

Chapter 3:  Running Successful Campaigns

3.1 Getting the most out of your influencer marketing campaign

  • Knowing what works and what doesn’t is important. You should stop paying for influencer marketing that does not create a positive ROI and you should focus your efforts are the ones that do. Understanding how to measure the ROI, campaign reach and engagement rate are important indicators to record and analyze. There are many things that you should avoid and many things that can do to increase your chances of running a successful influencer campaign. Continue reading more on how to run an influencer marketing campaign successfully.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand our influencer marketing guide. Be sure to experiment with different influencers to find a team that best fits your brand. Influencers that are treated well are more likely to create positive influential content that helps to grow and strengthen your brand.