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Journalists, influencers, graphic designers and marketing experts.

Increase brand awareness and sell more products with the aid of content creators.

Our Process:

  • Understanding a client’s interest in having products/services/news/announcements included in influencer content.
  • We provide you with a custom list of creators we believe will work well with your brand, budget, and niche.
  • You choose the creators that are the best fit for your brand.
  • You complete our ‘influencer marketing campaign’ understanding form – providing us with your:
    • campaign objective
    • content ideas (brainstorm any ideas)
    • talking points for the creators to use and to avoid
    • keywords to use for content descriptions and titles
    • tracking links, hashtags, and coupon codes to help track performance
    • special requests that you have
  • You provide products/samples for the creators to include in their content.
  • Creators integrate your brand, products, or services into their content and share the content to their networks.

Tell Your Brand Story

Creators are the storytellers of our time. Their viewers trust them and look to them for opinions on the newest trends, apps, products, brands, and services. Collaborating with popular creators in your industry is an effective way to help share your brand’s story. Two of the top platforms being used for influencer marketing are YouTube and Instagram.

Content collaboration ideas

1. Reviews and integrated content

We get your brand integrated into social media content on popular platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Product reviews, tutorials, organic placements, unboxings, and custom-tailored campaigns are some of the ways to have your brand seen through the help of influencers.

2. Sponsorships and ad rolls

Sponsor creators and receive a ‘shout out’, ‘ad roll’, and ‘link’ in their videos. Being presented as a sponsor is an effective way to promote your brand subtly. Sponsorship helps portray community development and helps back creators so they can do what they enjoy doing – create content for their subscribers.

3. Custom-tailored content

Want your products in a video or photo on a snow-capped mountain? How about on a nice beach with rolling waves in the background? How about a forest or country setting? Whatever you are looking for we have creators around the world ready to bring your ideas to life. You receive content ownership so you can include these in your marketing campaigns however you choose.

4. Contests and giveaways

Who doesn’t love getting stuff for free? Combining your influencer marketing efforts with strategic giveaways helps to get the most out of each post. Offering viewers the chance to win something if they comment, #hashtag, share to a friend, and submit their email address are sure ways to help boost a post.

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Brand managers

Here at UnitedPress.Media we know influencer marketing inside and out. Our brand managers come with years of experience and understand the landscape of today’s popular social media networks. We match your brand with relevant influencers who we believe will become true influential ambassadors for your company.

Evergreen Creative Content Direction

We work with creators to create authentic original content that lives beyond the campaign itself. Creating evergreen influencer marketing content is important to get the most out of your marketing spend. Evergreen content ages gracefully and is more useful for creating long term inbound marketing funnels.

We leverage the premium content our creators make with key strategies. Tracking links, #hashtags, coupon codes, keywords, timing, backlinks, and compound social shares.

An endless pool of influencers

Our large network of creator relationships makes us an unrivaled agency in finding the right influencers for your brand. With over 500 creators ranging from 5000 to over 20,000,000 subscribers we have a strong grasp on what to expect when working with influencers. Since each brand is different we do not limit our influencer suggestions to the database of influencers we have built up. We will use your required criteria to seek out and find the best influencers for your marketing campaign.


Campaign support

We are available to handle the entire communication process and help to facilitate the influencer marketing campaign from start to finish. Advice, influencer relations, contracts, order fulfillment, and campaign optimization are some of the things our brand managers provide.

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