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Your services and rates

If you haven’t already, please reach out to us at to share your digital marketing services and rates. We may reach out occasionally to ask for updated rates and also contact you if any clients express interest in your services.

Unlike other agencies, we do not take any commission from our partners rates! You get 100% of your fee when we order your services.

Orders that we place with you will not be displayed in this dashboard. We will communicate through email or your preferred contact method when we are ordering your services.

Your referral link (earn high commissions by referring our services)

You can earn extra revenue by referring UPM Digital Marketing Services. You can find your referral link located in the ‘Overview’ tab above. Share this link to anyone who you thin might require our services.

UPM partners are able to earn commissions from every order made by their referrals. Commissions are recurring and uncapped.

Here are a few ways UPM partners create high conversions: 

Method 1

A method that many partners have found that works well to create conversions with their clients is to share the UPM services after they themselves have completed their service and delivered quality results to a client. It is often the case that a company has a much larger marketing strategy than just the coverage they have organized with one of our partners. Our goal is to help retain our partners clients and share the profits of an extended campaign back to the partner who referred them.

Method 2

Another method that has worked well for some partners is to share the referral link to any clients that were not a fit for their coverage options. For whatever reason, whether it be a partner is too busy, or a partner is not a mutual fit for the brand, they decided to pass on the opportunity to create coverage for them. Instead of letting the opportunity pass, you can refer the prospect to us and we will try to find other partners and coverage options that are a mutual fit. If we are able to find mutual fits, the referring partner is able to generate revenue from a client they would have otherwise ignored.

Method 3

Take advantage of a link tree or shortlisted click funnel. A link tree can act as a main hub for sending your web traffic so that you can monetize them and keep your list updated with your new service offerings and recommendations. Link trees help to keep better track of different marketing strategies through traffic reports, you can use url shorteners and try different strategies, all while helping to grow your social channels. Here is a free linktree that you can use to place your official links. Here is an example of a upm partner using their referral link in a link tree to generate more leads.

Create conversions with your own methods 

Be creative and find out what method/strategy works best for your referrals.

  • Some of our partners have found great success utilizing freelance platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork to share our services.
  • Some partners have focused on guest blogging and link insertion strategies to get organic traffic flowing through their referral link.
  • Some partners have requested a UPM email address and have used it as their main contact for sponsors to reach out to.

Thank you for your continued participation in the UPM partner network!

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