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One of the main content marketing service options that we offer our clients at UnitedPress.Media is written content. Publications and press releases play an important role in a brands content marketing strategy.

We publish articles, interviews, expert quotes, news mentions, and press releases. We help our clients get exposure in top media publications such as Forbes, USAToday, Entrepreneur, and many others.

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Why Use Publications and PR’s?

There are several reasons why publications and PR’s are an important component of a brand’s content marketing strategy.

1. Tier 1 media and niche related website content helps build brand recognition and credibility. Tier 1 media mentions give press releases, social media posts, blog posts, and newsletters more substance. Simply sharing news that a brand has had coverage on a site such as Forbes or Entrepreneur speaks volumes.

2. SEO optimized content helps to improve search engine visibility and creates additional inbound click funnels.

3. Press releases help to keep the public and a brands community informed about recent news.

Written Content Marketing Service Workflow (Steps)

1. Our clients let us know what they are looking to have achieved in the days, weeks, and months to come. We provide our ideas while listening to clients’ feedback, and requests. We suggest a combination of press releases, articles placed on relevant niche-focused websites, and a few reputable tier 1 media publications.

2. We work with the budget provided to come up with a plan that gets our clients the best bang for their buck. We choose media outlets that make sense for the current marketing objectives of our clients.

3. We create content. Every piece of content is unique. We never rewrite existing articles on a topic. Clients are more than welcome to provide ideas or even drafts for us to work off of.

4. Whenever possible we make sure content includes keyword-rich URLs, titles, body, and backlinks. We suggest clients include tracking links to help track performance.

5. Content is placed and the links are shared with clients.

Who Benefits From Our Content Marketing Services?

Small marketing teams, entrepreneurs, and affiliate marketers use our service to strengthen their marketing strategy and free up time to focus on other aspects of their business. And they aren’t the only ones who find our service beneficial. Startups require a  content marketing strategy as well as large Enterprises.

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