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Toronto Content Marketing Service

Influencer Marketing Guide

Welcome to UnitedPress.Media! This influencer marketing guide will help you understand what influencer marketing is and how to run effective influencer marketing campaigns. If used correctly, influencer marketing can help grow your business faster then any other form of marketing. Let’s jump right into it! On this page you will find an overall summary of…
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Influencer Marketing Agency Evergreen

Evergreen Influencer Marketing | Timeless and Sustainable Content

One of the most important aspects of your influencer marketing strategy should be to create content that is timeless and sustainable. This is known as evergreen influencer marketing. ‘Evergreen content’ is a marketing strategy that will continue to provide brand exposure for an extended period of time. So, what does it take to make sure…
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Influencer Marketing Agency for Brand Growth

Why UnitedPress.Media Influencer Marketing Agency is Different Most influencer marketing agencies and talent agencies have a set roster of influencers that they keep their clients confined to. Here at UnitedPress.Media we take a different approach. Not only do we have our own influencers that work directly with us, but we also work directly with no…
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