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Evergreen Influencer Marketing Agency for Brand Growth

7 Ways to use Influencer Marketing

It is safe to say that a majority of consumers trust the recommendations from individuals over other forms of advertising. In this article we will discuss 7 ways to use influencer marketing strategies. Influencers are an effective way to get your brands message heard by a large audience. Whether the goal is to build hype…
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Influencer Marketing Agency for Brand Growth

Why UnitedPress.Media Influencer Marketing Agency is Different Most influencer marketing agencies and talent agencies have a set roster of influencers that they keep their clients confined to. Here at UnitedPress.Media we take a different approach. Not only do we have our own influencers that work directly with us, but we also work directly with no…
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What is Influencer Marketing | Step by Step

What is Influencer Marketing | Lasting Value Influencer marketing involves researching, identifying, engaging with and facilitating marketing outreach campaigns with creators who are able to create impactful impressions with customers about your brand, products and services. Both the return on investment (ROI) and the growth potential for a brand are very large. The goal is…
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