UPM Web 3 Influencer Audience Legitimacy Score | REAL of FAKE?

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UPM Web 3 Influencer Audience Legitimacy Score | REAL of FAKE?

Hello fellow web 3 builder and marketer! Thank you for stopping by the UPM website. You have come across one of our most helpful tools for when it comes to picking and choosing which web 3 influencers to engage and collaborate with.

The web 3 space is filled with bad actors who do not have the best intentions for the web 3 space and have created fake social media influencer accounts in order to get web 3 projects to send them sponsorship collaboration payouts. We have determined that over 80% of the crypto, nft, defi, and web 3 related social media accounts are not legitimate and get a failing score in the UPM web 3 influencer ALS test.

What is the UPM web 3 influencer ALS test?

In the past few years since we have been helping to facilitate digital marketing in the web 3 space we have come across countless social media channels and websites that build up a fake audience and pay for fake views and followers to seem like they have a genuine network. Instead of ignoring all of these channels when we come across them, we decided in 2021 that we would start to keep track of them and give each a score. This in turn would help us to create the ultimate database of web 3 influencers.

What is taken into account when giving a social media account a score?

There are many different variables that are taken into account when considering the score given to each web 3 social media influencer. How many years have they been active? Do they have other channels? How often do they create videos? Has the audience grown at a steady rate or have there been sudden unnatural jumps? Is the content quality content? Are we able to confirm the host through video? Who are they associated with? If they are connected to some agencies that are known for shady web 3 marketing then this is a red flag. There are many different things that are taken into account when giving each web 3 influencer an audience legitimacy score.

Web 3 ALS – Just the tip

The ALS score is a must have when narrowing in on which web 3 influencers are the best ones to collaborate with. However, this will only narrow in so far. There will still be a large pool of genuine and credible web 3 content creators that you can utilize to help spread awareness for your brand. The UPM media deck includes other data points such as the power level of each influencer, the deal when taking into account things such as view counts and price point. The UPM media deck helps to showcase coverage options in different languages, on different social platforms, along with pre designed PR packages for press release distribution.

Increased trust and credibility

Collaborating with real content creators in the web3 space is crucial because it enhances trust and credibility. When working with authentic influencers who have built a genuine following, the audience is more likely to trust their recommendations and engage with the content. By associating your brand with these credible influencers, you can tap into their established trust and credibility, thereby increasing the likelihood of success for your web3 project.

Authentic content creators have spent time and effort cultivating their audience and nurturing their relationships. They understand their community’s interests, preferences, and pain points, allowing them to create relevant and engaging content. By leveraging their expertise and insights, you can ensure that your collaboration aligns with the interests and needs of the web3 audience, leading to more impactful and effective marketing efforts.

Additionally, partnering with real content creators helps to safeguard your brand’s reputation. Fake influencers often employ deceptive practices to inflate their follower count and engagement metrics, which can damage the authenticity and integrity of your web3 project. By collaborating with genuine creators, you minimize the risk of being associated with fraudulent accounts and maintain the integrity of your brand within the web3 community.

Targeted reach and niche expertise

Another important reason to collaborate with real content creators in the web3 space is their targeted reach and niche expertise. Authentic influencers have typically gained prominence within specific communities or niches, allowing them to connect with highly relevant audiences. This targeted reach ensures that your collaboration efforts are reaching the right people who are genuinely interested in your web3 project and more likely to convert into active participants or users.

Moreover, real content creators possess valuable niche expertise that can be invaluable for your web3 marketing strategy. They have a deep understanding of the latest trends, developments, and conversations within the web3 space. By leveraging their knowledge, you can stay ahead of the curve, tailor your messaging, and position your brand as an expert within the industry.

Collaborating with content creators who possess niche expertise also opens doors to innovative and creative approaches in promoting your web3 project. They can offer unique perspectives, ideas, and content formats that resonate with their audience and differentiate your brand from competitors. This collaborative approach allows you to tap into the influencer’s creative skills and leverage their expertise to create impactful and engaging campaigns that drive results in the web3 space.

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