Web 3 Content Creator Affiliate Program

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High paying content creator affiliate program for web 3 related coverages

  • UPM Agency has one of the highest paying content creator referral based affiliate programs in the Web 3 space.

Increase revenue + get more sponsors

  • We recommend our affiliates to sponsors with active marketing budgets whenever we come across a mutual fit. Content creators can increase their revenue by getting new clients through the UPM Agency affiliate program.
  • Affiliates revenue is also increased through their referrals of project which they send to UPM Agency. This is often done after a content creator has created coverage for a project and the project is seeking more coverages. Influencers can also send project which they have passed on for whatever reason. Sometimes influencers are too busy to take on more sponsors and sometime projects don’t meet the requirements of a certain channel. Whatever the reason, our revenue sharing program can help content creators earn more from their referrals.

High commission payouts

Affiliates are able to earn high commissions – some individual campaign budgets reach over $100,000. The base commission rate for UPM affiliates starts at 25% of the profit made through referrals web 3 coverage orders. We are able to convert a high number of referrals as we are able to offer competitive pricing to crypto projects through agency discounts and influencer partner relationships.

Here is an example of how a referral (lead) works:

Client ‘XYZ’ clicks on your affiliate link that you shared. XYZ fills out the contact form on UnitedPress.Media. There are no other contact forms on the website as an attempt to ensure affiliates are rewarded for their referrals. When the form is submitted by ‘XYZ’ we receive a notification that shows the referral (lead) was sent by you. If they end up completing any orders you will earn commission.

How we proceed:

We enter into conversation with your referrals and try to work with them to find the best web 3 coverages for their crypto project. We find mutual fits with content creators on popular social platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, Instagram, Discord, and also through global media news outlets and top crypto media news outlets. The UPM Agency database has over 1000 different web 3 coverage options for clients to choose from. There is a good chance we will find a mutual fit between your referrals and content creators/media outlets.

If your referrals continue to order, you will continue to receive commissions for their orders as long as orders are made at-least once every 90 days.

Get featured in the UPM client facing media deck

You can request to become a content creator for UPM Agency by getting in touch with us by email [email protected]. Please share your social channels, blogs, and any rates for solo orders as well as any package options that you offer. We will reach out on occasion to get updated pricing and to share any projects that are interested in your coverage services.

Sign up for the UPM web 3 content creator revenue sharing program

You can sign up or login to the UPM Agency web 3 content creator affiliate program here and you will be given a referral link once your account is approved.

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