What is Influencer Marketing | Step by Step

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What is Influencer Marketing | Step by Step

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What is Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves researching, identifying, engaging with and facilitating marketing outreach campaigns with creators who are able to create impactful impressions with customers about your brand, products and services.

Both the return on investment (ROI) and the growth potential for a brand are very large. The goal is to create content that is viral in nature in hopes that it gets seen by a large audience for an extended period of time. Evergreen influencer marketing tactics should be used to optimize influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing has become an important strategy for brands of all sizes. Depending on where a brands products and services are available it may be an effective strategy to use influencers with local, national, and global reach.

Creators are the storytellers of our time. Their viewers trust them and look to them for opinions on the newest trends, apps, products, brands, and services. Collaborating with popular creators in your industry is an effective way to help share your brand’s story.

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Why Influencers are Important for Inbound Marketing

Influencers help to spark awareness, grow a more loyal audience, and help to create your brand identity with your customers. The effects of influencer marketing on your inbound marketing efforts include:

  • increased word of mouth advertising
  • increased 3rd party content about your brand
  • a growing number of inbound sales funnels
  • new customers

Launching a brand using influencer marketing can have a strong impact on immediate growth. There are numerous studies that show that influencer marketing generates higher conversion rates than traditional marketing methods. When you begin to learn ‘what is influencer marketing’ you will quickly see why it is a strategy that holds more weighting than traditional advertising.

It is important to start the influencer marketing campaign by finding the right influencers that are able to bridge your brand with your target customers. When you sponsor a creator and begin an influencer marketing campaign it is important to make sure everyone involved understands your marketing objective. A clear message combined with best practices for influencer marketing campaigns is important to optimize results.

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What is Influencer Marketing Step by Step – Our process:

  • Contact us with your interest in having your brand’s products/services included in influencer content.
  • We provide you with a custom list of creators we believe will work well with your brand, budget, and niche.
  • You choose the creators that are the best fit for your brand.
  • You complete our ‘influencer marketing campaign’ understanding form – providing us with your:
    • campaign objective
    • brainstorm idea’s for each influencer
    • talking points for the creators to use and to avoid
    • keywords to use for content descriptions and titles
    • tracking links, hashtags, and coupon codes to help track performance
    • special requests that you have
  • You provide products/samples for the creators to include in their content.
  • Creators integrate your brand, products, or services into their content and share the content to their networks.