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Digital Marketing Services - for Web 3, AR/VR, Gaming, and AI Brands

The UPM Partner Network is the foundation of our digital marketing agency’s success. With the partnership of leading content creators, PR experts, top influencers, journalists and digital marketing specialists worldwide, we have built a strong network of professionals that enable us to deliver exceptional services to our clients.

If you are interested in participating in the UPM Partner Network, please apply here. It is free to join, there are no service fees, we take no commission from your service rates, and you can earn high commissions from your referrals. If you become an ‘active partner’ and will also help to promote your services and include you in more ‘shortlist suggestion lists’ that we create for our clients.

Web 3 Digital Marketing Referral Program (revenue sharing model)

UPM network offers one of the highest paying revenue sharing models with uncapped commissions. UPM services include the unique service of ‘pay per performance’ tier 1 media coverage, Influencer marketing campaigns, pr services, graphic design work, and other types of digital marketing services.

Digital marketing campaign budgets can reach into the 100 thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. Commissions on such deals can be very lucrative.

Increasing our partners revenue 

The UPM Parter Network is designed to help increase the revenue of our partners in two ways.

Providing our partners with new clients – we do not take any commission from our partners service rates. Services that we order from our partners include:

    • Content writing services and PR
    • Sponsored content placements
    • Influencer marketing opportunities
    • Journalism and earned media pitching
    • Graphic design (logo, branding merchandise, media deck, digital art)
    • Web 3 development
    • Video services

The second way we help increase our partners revenue is through commissions. If our partners refer any new clients to us they earn high commissions from their referrals marketing spend with us. Through our extended services we have over 500 coverage options available for clients to choose from.


Become an active partner

We like to promote, suggest, and order from our active partners before going to any outside services. The more active a partner is the more likely we are to suggest and order their services. The business model of working closely with active partners helps to create more opportunities for all partners that are actively participating in the the UPM Partner Network.

Here is an example of how a referral works:

  1. Someone clicks on a partners referral link, and they are directed to the UPM website (unitedpress.media)
  2. They fill out the contact form on the UPM website.
  3. We receive an email letting us know that the referral was sent by a specific partner (this tracking is built into a partners referral code).
    1. After a referral reaches out to us, we will enter into conversation with your referrals and work with them to find the best coverages for their current needs. We find mutual fits with journalists, tier 1 media publications, content creators, and PR distribution channels.
  4. If the referral completes an order with UPM Agency within 90 days the referring partner earns commission.
  5. If a referral continues to order with us, the referring partner will continue to receive commissions as long as there is an order placed once every 90 days.

Sharing your referral link

Method 1

A method that many partners have found that works well to create conversions with their clients is to share the UPM services after they themselves have completed their service and delivered quality results to a client. It is often the case that a company has a much larger marketing strategy than just the coverage they have organized with one of our partners. Our goal is to help retain our partners clients and share the profits of an extended campaign back to the partner who referred them.

Method 2

Another method that has worked well for some partners is to share the referral link to any clients that were not a fit for their coverage options. For whatever reason, whether it be a partner is too busy, or a partner is not a mutual fit for the brand, they decided to pass on the opportunity to create coverage for them. Instead of letting the opportunity pass, you can refer the prospect to us and we will try to find other partners and coverage options that are a mutual fit. If we are able to find mutual fits, the referring partner is able to generate revenue from a client they would have otherwise ignored.

Create conversions with your own methods 

Be creative and find out what method/strategy works best for your referrals.

  • Some of our partners have found great success utilizing freelance platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork to share our services.
  • Some partners have focused on guest blogging and link insertion strategies to get organic traffic flowing through their referral link.
  • Some partners have requested a UPM email address and have used it as their main contact for sponsors to reach out to.

Partner dashboard and media assets

The partner dashboard includes a referral link that can be shared directly to potential new clients (or it can be turned into a link on your blog/website). The partner dashboard also includes display banners that can be embedded into your website (the embed code will already include your referral link). The dashboard also includes tabs that show where your referrals traffic comes from, how many of your referrals have reached out to us, and your total paid and unpaid earnings.

Here is an example of the banner assets that you can find in the partner dashboard:

Sign up for the UPM Partner Network

You can sign up or login to the UPM partner network here. Once your account is approved, you will be able to login to your account dashboard where you can grab your referral link and monitor your traffic and referrals.

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